A new way of thinking about video interaction.

What you want, only when you want it. Turn a passive experience into something active and engaging for video publisher and viewer.
Internet video is full of interruption and distraction. Ads and overlays appear hoping that someone, somewhere will click on something.

There is a better way.

Video interaction where a viewer is allowed to select what they are interested in, only when they are interested in it. And through that, they buy, learn, and share. Higher interest. Higher engagement. A better experience.

Welcome to Revelens.
Revelens is the future of video interaction.

Hundreds of new engagement opportunities or ad units per program view. No interruption to the viewing experience. Viewer-driven engagement on one screen.

Phase 1 - a B2B web-based platform for contextual video bookmarking. Phase 2 - a free authoring tool completing the ecosystem. Creators will monetize their content by connecting directly to engagement opportunities with no ad-tech middleware between viewing and purchasing.

Lucas Wilson


A musician and editor turned technology sales executive and entrepreneur. Loves online video. Wishes it was better. Built a company to make that happen.

Kevin Mullican


Long career as a technical leader in entertainment industry. M.I.T. graduate, founder/CTO; LOOK! Effects, iO Film. Published authority on digital image management. Member (by invite), Image Interchange Committee, AMPAS.

David Chariton


An established start-up & mid-market CFO. An economist by trade. Bachelors from M.I.T., Masters from Stanford. William Morris to Accenture to co-founder/CEO of a visual effects company.

We like to connect with people with a passion for the intersection of technology and interaction.

No new positions available at this time, but if you are interested in our technology and platform, contact us!
Revelens makes a difference in many areas.

Below are three markets below where we make fast and measurable impact. Click below to learn about each one.

Tap, swipe, and engage.

Revelens targets viewers exactly at the point of interest, allowing them to follow an impulse immediately.

Instant gratification leads to deeper engagement, whether for sellthrough, socialization, or story engagement.

Our platform allows publishers a seamless way of introducing hundreds of additional engagement points per program view – without interruption or distraction.

Tap, swipe, and learn.

We expand the ways an educational institution uses online video to connect and engage students, potential students, faculty, alumni and donors.

A deeper educational experience, and a wealth of untapped recruitment, retention, and revenue opportunities through any online course.
Address local sales offices, regional resources, and different geographies without dozens of different video deliverables. Bring up-to-date information into an existing video without having to create entirely new training packages. Target multiple locations and languages with only one deliverable.
One minute of demonstration is the best and fastest way to communicate what our platform does and what we represent. Take a look HERE to see a video of our system in operation.

Tap, swipe, and engage.

One minute of demonstration is the best and fastest way to communicate what our platform does and what we represent. Take a look HERE to see a video of our system in operation.

Read more about us on our Crunchbase or AngelList profiles.
How does Revelens work?

How are we different from other video interaction platforms? Click below to find out.
The Revelens system is comprised of two basic components: a simple consumer-facing client, and a full-featured server back-end.

The architecture allows Revelens technology to be rapidly integrated with existing streaming media solutions. Adoption of a separate platform is unnecessary as Revelens can plug into a client’s existing streaming solutions.

A thin layer, the front-end client, rides on top of industry-standard streaming solutions. That front-end mediates the exchange between a streaming exhibition and a server back-end, which hosts the Revelens pattern-matching engine.

Consumers interact with the front-end, which then captures interactions and forwards them to the back-end. The back-end engine provides anything from a fully authored experience with custom links to an automated link-matching engine tied to customer user profiles, and any variation in between.

Revelens components are independent and may be deployed separately. The back-end may be hosted by Revelens or customized for private hosting. The Revelens system exists independent of the actual content stream, so content may be modified, changed, and updated without need to overhaul Revelens metadata.

Because the Revelens engine and its accompanying user experience sit behind the streaming content, the entertainment experience is uninterrupted. The viewer initiates all interaction, thus ensuring high-quality targeting. The real revolution exists in the simple and intuitive interaction model presented to consumers.

The Revelens concept is born of decades of experience in media production and post-production and is designed to minimize impact on established process and workflow. Collection of metadata for a streaming exhibition can be largely automated through intelligent data gathering methodology employed as part of the Revelens model.
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Worth Magazine has listed Revelens CEO, Lucas Wilson, as one of the 12 Most Innovative Minds in Technology and Entertainment in its August, 2014 Issue!

First Customers Announced

Revelens is pleased to announce two of our first customers: Qubed Entertainment/In Between Men, and The Influence. In Between Men is a groundbreaking web series which premieres its third season in 2014 and has been picked up for distribution by the Launch TV Network, reaching over 85 Million households. The Influence, launched in July, is a new celebrity digital platform focused on shoppable influencer fashion, style, and branded content.

Keycode Media announced As Sales/Integration Partner

Keycode Media, an industry leader for end-to-end turnkey digital media communication systems, has been announced as a Revelens sales and integration partner. Keycode was founded in 2001, and is a well-respected and trusted name in the media & entertainment market. Revelens is proud to be working with the dedicated team at Keycode to bring our platform to customers throughout the United States.

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